Thank goodness the film "For Greater Glory" keeps evangelizing and inspiring the audience to defend their faith day after day. Currently “For Greater Glory” is being shown in Italy after overcoming a cultural boycott in which the movie was being censored by distributors who wanted to ignore its message.

Film "For Greater Glory" overcomes cultural boycott in italy

Large distributors rejected the story; however the film has succeeded due to “word of mouth”

Vatican City.- Thanks to advertising, "word of mouth" and film projections in different cities, the history of the Cristeros in Mexico overcame a "cultural boycott" of the film industry in Italy, as they decided to leave out the film that tells this epic story: "For Greater Glory".

Due to the determination of Dominus production, an independent distributor, the film- first premiered in 2011- reached tens of Italian theaters, obtaining a considerable success. The film projections began in December 2013, in peripheral theaters of Rome. The positive response by the audience allowed the premiere to take place at a downtown theater in the Italian capital on April 27. And the income generated in the box office allowed as well to show the movie again in the Eternal City.

"The distribution has not been easy but the public has responded very well, they have been really enthusiastic. The problem is currently the film industry, where big distributors have no desire to take risks with little commercial content, “told Federica Picchi from Dominus Production to Notimex.

“If it wasn´t distributed before, was due to a cultural boycott or by cause of distributors, whose from their economic point of view, were afraid this topics wouldn´t generate enough money in the box office; in my opinion, there is a boycott related to the Christian topic it is about and because the issue of persecution is a delicate subject to talk about”- she added.

"For Greater Glory" ("Cristiada", the original title in Spanish) tells the story of how Mexican rebels between 1926 and 1929 started riots in order to defend their faith against a government that implemented a series of laws against the Catholic Church in their country.

The movie features a cast of extraordinary artists like Andy Garcia, Eva Longoria, Peter O'Toole and Oscar Isaac. In addition of a team of famous crew in Hollywood like director Dean Wright leading Hollywood effects guru in films like "Titanic" or "Lord of the Rings".

Despite this extraordinary cast, the big distributors ignore the movie. This forced the producer to set up an alternative strategy, with presentations in less crowded venues.

Still, the public responded by allowing exhibitions in Milan, Genoa, Venice, Florence, Naples, Salerno, Bari and Catania, among others.

This success, reinforce in Picchi the conviction that if the movie wasn´t projected in bigger venues was due to a cultural boycott. "Many of the distributor managers have a certain ideological trend and don´t support movies like this one"- she said.

"People can like the movie or not, because the most sensitive people may be affected by the war scenes. As in life, the movie doesn´t ilustrate sainst and sinners, in a definitive way. Also, among the Cristeros there were "difficult" characters, like "Catorce" or a priest who joined the Cristeros army (father Vega)"- she established.

The film appealed to various film licenses thanks to which, certain characters coexist in the same story at the same time, but who never met in real life, like the Cristero General Enrique Gorostieta and child martyr José Sánchez del Río. In Rome the film surprised and moved the audience, during his projection in Adriano Theatre, May 6. By the end of the projection, the audience applauded continuously, offering a spontaneous tribute to the leading characters. "I did not know the history at all; I was struck by how things seem to repeat. I was also thinking at this time, we see that kind of terrorism from the Islamic State, for example, who wants the same, to disappear Christians, "said Teresa Recchini to Notimex, at the end of the film projection.

Ana María Froio, also interviewed by Notimex, said: "The film is very convincing, considering is a true story. It is the story of the martyrs of Christianity, the story of those who have chosen to die for Christ and are an example to us all. " In the next two months "For Greater Glory" will continue to be exhibited in theaters in several cities, including Cagliari and L'Aquila. After the European summer, by September or October, the DVD will be released and currently negotiations to take this story to TV are taking place.

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